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My New Role as a Professional Ghostwriter

Many have been asking why it’s been some time since I’ve written here on my blog.  My apologies that my article posts have been fewer these past few months.  And, that’s because I likewise moonlight as a professional ghostwriter.

There’ve been several projects I have completed back-to-back as a professional ghostwriter.  The experience has been brilliant!

How did I become a Professional Ghostwriter?

Wondering how the role of professional ghostwriter came along for me?  Part of it was through my answering of various online advertisements for the position.  But mainly my clients stumbled upon my works and oeuvres — whether herein on my blog or in the other online publications that carry my writing — then they approached me with assignments that they wished for me to ghostwrite.

While I have signed several non-disclosure agreements that thereby prevent me from revealing what works I have ghostwritten, I can at least share the types of professional ghostwriter works I have produced and crafted.  I’ve ghostwritten blog posts, articles, and books.

What types of books have I professionally ghostwritten so far?  Both fiction and nonfiction.  To date, the fictional works that I’ve had the great joy of ghostwriting include a handful of children’s picture books, a couple of Young Adult (YA) novels, and one novel that has been designated New Adult (NA) fiction because it centers around characters in the 22 years – 35 years age range.  As for the nonfiction books I have had the pleasure and honor of being professional ghostwriter of, they include some reference books+manuals, several recipe books, as well as a number of books in the history, (auto)biography, business + career, hobby, and general knowledge genres.  The briefest book I have ghostwritten so far was under 100 words, and the largest was 155,000+ words.

I love learning, so I’m open to ghostwriting many different types of works, styles, and genres.

It has been exciting being a professional ghostwriter!  And, I am passionate about continuing with this role.  If you are in the market for a professional ghostwriter, please feel free to contact me to learn about rates and to see whether we are a good fit for collaboration.

And, of course, I shall try to have more article posts here on my blog for my followers and readers to continue to enjoy.



Photo is from the Public Domain, and is an image of a painting by Jacques-André Portail.


Mariecor Agravante

Mariecor Agravante

Mariecor is a military veteran's wife and a mother of two. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA), and has a strong California Grad School background in Organizational Leadership. Ever the adventuress, Mariecor has visited all the major US military aviation museums in the country, as well as enjoyed bungee-jumping in Australia, skydiving, paragliding, and even hot-air ballooning. She also completed her first marathon in 2006 on Oahu, and loves family vacations with her husband, their children, and pets. Continually sought as a professional writer and freelance editor, Mariecor has been published in USA Today, Studio D Media (formerly Demand Media Studios),,, O-Dark-Thirty: A Literary Magazine, as well as other media channels.

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