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Sun and Trees


Nature enthusiasts enjoy images of both the sun and trees. Here are some favorites I’ve captured with my camera while on Coronado, California.

Sun and Trees:  A Mini Photo Essay of Crown City Coronado in the Golden State

A line of eucalyptus trees near dusk…

sun and trees 1


With the lunar orb between palm fronds…

sun and trees 2


Against a patch of wild blue yonder…

sun and trees 3


Aglow with shadow stories…

sun and trees 5


A disc reminiscent of Ra…

sun and trees 6


Aperture of discovery…

sun and trees 7


A fighter jet’s sojourn…

sun and trees 8


Perhaps a poem can best capture the sentiments inspired by the sun and trees photographed herein.  This is one of mine:

Sun and Trees

By Mariecor Agravante

From the seed a seedling sprouts,

Setting forth roots to anchor itself;

Then spreads forth its xylem upward

To break through the soil surface for

Stem-formation and unfurling of leaves.

And as the glowing disc of heaven

Provides energy to the sapling’s chlorophyll,

The stem grows in girth to transform into

A trunk housing phloem and transport systems.

With each passing day, the sun in his chariot

Crosses the sky east to west as the sapling

Strengthens into a tree — one of the oldest of

Organisms on our living planet.  And this

Lucky tree grows not alone but finds itself

In a grove with other tree neighbors, some of

Whom are relatives while others are friends.

And the trees converse amongst themselves

With each sunrise and sunset — sharing stories

About their heritage as oxygen producers, shade

Providers, erosion deterrents, and homes for nature’s

Gentler creatures.  The squirrels tickle them, the birds

Sing to them, the butterflies relax them… And all is

Well for these protected trees in the sheltered grove.

The sun remains happy in this grove’s growth, while the

Trees rejoice at the sun’s consistency.  The nutrient-filled

Soil and rejuvenating showers are welcomed by the grateful

Trees, too.  These peaceful living arbor — these valuable

Hardwood, softwood, deciduous, and evergreen beings — ache

To live as long as possible, for they love the tranquil life they lead.


Mariecor Agravante

Mariecor Agravante

Mariecor is a military veteran's wife and a mother of two. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA), and has a strong California Grad School background in Organizational Leadership. Ever the adventuress, Mariecor has visited all the major US military aviation museums in the country, as well as enjoyed bungee-jumping in Australia, skydiving, paragliding, and even hot-air ballooning. She also completed her first marathon in 2006 on Oahu, and loves family vacations with her husband, their children, and pets. Continually sought as a professional writer and freelance editor, Mariecor has been published in USA Today, Studio D Media (formerly Demand Media Studios),,, O-Dark-Thirty: A Literary Magazine, as well as other media channels.

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